Episode 79

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27th Oct 2022

Meet the Man Helping to Solve Sarasota’s Workforce Housing Problem – with Mark Vengroft, Managing Partner – One Stop Housing | Episode 079

Since I came to Sarasota in 2015 one topic has come up over and over again -- workforce housing.

Let's face it: living in this area is both beautiful and expensive.

So how can young families, professionals, and essential, front-line workers find a decent place to live while still putting away money for the future?

My guest today is doing his part to help in the workforce housing shortage. His company "believes everyone deserves a place to live" and has been able to create a niche where they are for profit but with a philanthropic approach.

In this episode, you'll hear from Mark Vengroft, Managing Partner of One Stop Housing where he'll share:

  • One thing most people don’t know about Mark
  • Why he left a very successful career in California running a billion-dollar company to focus on workforce housing in Sarasota
  • How One Stop Housing acquires properties and refurbishes them
  • Why their rents are as much as 40% below market
  • Where Mark hopes to take One Stop Housing
  • ... and much much more!

Thank you for stopping by today, it is my hope you will listen ... learn ... and connect!

Mark's Bio:

Prior to joining One Stop Housing, Mark was the CEO of Walker Advertising, a company owned by the Private Equity firm, Clearlight Partners. Walker is the largest legal advertising agency in the country. 

Mark was the CEO of VWA for 9 years and was responsible for VWA growing the receivable management business from $10 million in revenue to managing over $32 billion in assets, with 1,100 employees and offices in 19 countries.

Mark was named one of the 15 “Change Makers” in September 2022, by Business Observer. In honor of Mark’s philanthropic efforts, Mayor Arroyo named October 10 2022 as “Mark Vengroff Day” in the City of Sarasota. Mark currently sits on the Board of Directors for FL Incubator, WebCollect, and RJE International and is a Managing Partner of One Stop Housing and One Stop Development & Construction. Mark is a commissioner for the Sarasota affordable housing authority and Chairman of One Stop Cares (501c3)




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